Lalaine D. Stone

Associate Broker – Keller Williams

I was born in Madalag, Philippines. My greatest influence is from my dad whose wisdom and hard work sustained me through life. My loving mom inculcated the value of perseverance, courage and and the relentless pursuit to aim high and to become what I like to be.

I am from the Philippines and immigrated to California  in 2001.  In 2007, I moved to New Mexico and have been enjoying this beautiful state with my beautiful daughter.

AIMING HIGH. I finished college with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Master of Business Administration and 132 law courses.  I became a professor at the University of San Agustin, teaching computer classes, Fundamentals of Management, and Marketing.  My jobs in the US were mostly in the field of Finance and Accounting.

MISSION. My goal is to provide my clients with the most cost-effective buying and selling experience while maintaining the highest level of service. I expect to do this by continuously educating myself with new ideas and technology — making sure I am up-to-date with the latest real estate trend and information. My commitment is to render a signature service to my clients.  

GIVING BACK.  I place a high value on helping people. I support a charity and is aiming to have my first scholar in June of 2018.

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I had the pleasant experience of working with Lalaine when I lived in Albuquerque from 2009 to 2013. As a result of our working relationship, I had the opportunity to see Lalaine’s work ethic and actions first hand and get to know her as a person and a friend. Lalaine is a very ambitious individual that strives to constantly meet and exceed her goals. I had the privilege of personally witnessing Lalaine’s strengths: leadership and communication skills, initiative, maturity, dependability, motivation, and intellectual and analytical ability. Lalaine is very personable, energetic, and ethical and just a pleasure to work with.

Vale Pelletier

I used to work with Lalaine and her support was insurmountable. She has an exceptional people skill and accommodated me with what I really need. I know that her integrity is beyond question. I can entrust with her my investment. Her working relationship with me is one where I can really be proud of. I have nothing but confidence after working with Lalaine for almost a decade already and I wouldn’t hesitate to call her again.

Ma. Cecilia Detosil-Alimen

Lalaine is thorough and also focused on the details. She is committed to doing the best job possible.

Ann Bolton